HOT SAP Labour market in Denmark – Summer 2021: “Employers! If you snooze you lose”.

In a red hot SAP Labour market, don’t let company internal processes get in the way of hiring great candidates – here is an example from a few years back, but similar situations start occurring these months”.
– – – – – 
Me: “So, Mrs. client, what is your feedback regarding the candidate you interviewed Yesterday”?

Client: “Great candidate, he has the skills we need and the right attitude as well. This looks promising”.

Me: “OK, so you’ll proceed to the 2nd round with him”?

Client: “Definitely. I’ve already booked our HR Partner for the personality tests and 2nd interview. It’s up in 3 weeks from now”.

Me: “3 weeks from now??! How about earlier?”

Client: “Yes, there were no time slots available earlier. HR is very busy. But am happy to wait. I feel that it’ll end well”.

Me: “…. But what about the candidate? I just spoke to him and he’s all fired up, ready to make the next move and I’m pretty sure that he’d sign an agreement right now, if given the opportunity”?

Client: “It is our policy and our process to test/interview ALL candidates. I can’t bypass that part.”

Me: “Well, I understand, but what if you lose the candidate due to delayed process? The candidate has said that another company is rushing to give him an offer…”

– – – – – 
You see the picture? Sometimes – not always – inflexible or rigid internal processes delay a recruiting process and the result? An employer misses out on a great candidate, because other employers are faster.

Of course, we do what we can to avoid this situation, but it happens frequently. Of course, as a recruiting company, we try to find better solutions without sacrificing quality.

/Claus Grotrian