From specialist to manager – why do people choose to change their position?

Today the labor market is full of specialists in different areas. Some are young and progressive, and others are skilled and experienced. But the most ambitious specialists don’t want to sit still and pass up the opportunity to climb the career ladder. 

What options of development do they have? Unfortunately, most companies don’t provide the idea of horizontal promotion for experienced specialists. So, if employees want to move forward, they have to change the company or become managers.  

At this point, the very interesting question is – WHY qualified specialists choose to become managers? Of course, the first reason is to develop a career and try to do something new using previous knowledge. A lot of specialists work in the same company for some years, and usually know a lot of processes. They can see all strengths and weaknesses of the business from the inside. So, they want to bring to life some fresh ideas and reform the effectiveness of these processes. That’s why the specialists have to be decisive and take responsibility for their actions.

The financial reward is also a very important reason to climb up the career ladder because managers’ salaries are usually higher than specialists’. So, it will satisfy the everyday requirements and help raise the quality of life.

The desire to develop communicative skills also can be a solid background for changing the position. Future managers should get along well with their colleagues and feel comfortable leading others. Because after promotion, they will move to a new level of communication in the company. Successful managers not only control their staff but also inspire the employees to be creative and progressive. Moreover, team leaders should resolve conflicts and mediate disagreements inside the company.

The last but not the least reason to become a manager is th notion to help other people. Influential leaders aren’t afraid of competitors. Instead of this, they always take care of their team members, open up the hidden resources and motivate employees to develop them.  So, the reasons can be different, but all of them have one common aspect – development. Skilled specialists feel that they know the technical part well enough to move forward and take their company to a new level.