How to Choose the Best SAP specialisation for Your Career

SAP has evolved a long way since 1972. Many SAP ERP operations modules have been developed focusing on various processes, including SAP ERP sales and service, sales and distribution, financial management, business intelligence, etc. However, such diversity makes all freshers which getting into SAP and want to have a promising career ask the one question – How to choose an SAP specialisation?

This question is essential and needs a broad answer. That is why we have compiled a selection of the most relevant articles that will help with the choice of the SAP module.


In its article, STechies gathered tips on choosing a specialization in SAP, which is based on two questions:

1. What is your life’s aim or career goal?

2. What is your educational background and work experience?

Be sure to check out this article because your educational qualifications and background are perhaps the most crucial factor when choosing a module.


ZaranTech identifies three key points to consider when deciding which SAP specialization works best for you:

1. Market Demand

2. Work Experience

3. Career Objective

Also, at this link, you can find a video from a ZaranTech expert, which will help you dive even deeper into this topic.


Atos’ expert article is the most extensive on our list. The material contains clear instructions on what specialization is suitable for a person with the education of an accountant, financier, and many other specialties. The authors also created descriptions for eight main SAP modules that can simplify the choice.