Will SAP skills still be relevant in 10-20 years?

Regardless of the field in which a person wants to develop his career, it is essential to ask the question: “Is this specialty I choose promising?”. Of course it is pointless to choose a profession that will cease to be relevant shortly. So we decided to share our opinion on whether a career in SAP is still actual and how to become successful in this area in 10-20 years.

Knowledge and experience of SAP solutions and their real-world applications will remain relevant at least for the next 20 years, as corporations around the globe still bet their business on SAP running smoothly. Naturally, the demand for software will support the demand for professionals. However, classic skills will not be enough for a successful career.

The future of SAP consultants will be good if they continue to update their abilities with new products launched by SAP. First of all, specialists should pay attention to cloud-based solutions. They will require not only skills in working with SAP but also skills in all the various components that integrate with SAP (AI, machine learning, integration, etc.).

Therefore, we recommend not to waste precious time and hence start expanding your knowledge. Only those specialists who will keep up with SAP will be able to build a really successful career for years!

We wish success to all!