Reasons to change jobs and reasons to stay

Well, sometimes career navigation can be a hassle – constantly having to reply to requests may first sound great, but can also be tiring, especially if the requests are totally out of line with your inner career compass.
And how do you find out about your next career move? We’re here to help you by summarizing our experience as a recruiting company from literally thousands of recruiting processes, job interviews, and career counseling.
We firmly believe that unless a career move is carefully considered, the risks of job change may outweigh the potential benefits. Hence we present to you both the list of why a job change may be a good idea – or not.
Having skills and competencies in high demand in the marketplace is great. If you’re an attractive professional, you may often get unsolicited requests from other potential employers: “Please consider joining us.” What’s not to like?
Top 5 reasons to change jobs:
• You’re literally stuck, and there is no sight of a better outlook.
• You and your employer can’t grow together.
• The culture and environment in the company don’t coincide with your own vision. 
• You can earn more doing almost the same job.
• Employees’ personal needs aren’t fulfilled in the current company.
Top 5 reasons to stay
• You haven’t exhausted all career options within your current employer.
• Managers and HRs do their job perfectly, always are in touch with the staff, work on motivation and help to achieve great employee success.
• You have an ideal balance between your job and private life.
• There are good perspectives on either vertical or horizontal promotion.
• Your boss is open to the dialogue and ready to find the solution to a difficult situation together.
Sometimes people have only one reason to leave, but it’s very strong. In other cases, the list of reasons to leave the company can be even longer than 5, and the call from another recruiter with the question “Would you like to join our team?” will be decisive. 
Of all the reasons in the list, we would like to mention one more that is very popular nowadays. A lot of people younger than 40 decide to change not only a company but also a profession. They quit the manager’s position and try to use their knowledge and experience in absolutely new areas because they are not satisfied with their current career.  
Also, candidates can be in search of more sustainable job positions. Today’s situation in the world (for example, with COVID) shows us that some professions aren’t very reliable so people can stay without a job and payment for a long period of time.
To summarize the ideas of this article, we would like to say that you shouldn’t be afraid to change a job if you don’t feel well at the current one. But, don’t hurry to accept the first recruiter’s offer – ask questions, explain your reasons for leaving, and discuss desirable conditions for comfortable job conditions for you.
And if you don’t want to change your job  – you’re the lucky one!