How to write an effective CV for SAP vacancy when you are a beginner

When people want to start their SAP career, they usually have a huge amount of questions in their heads. We have already told you what you need to do to become an SAP specialist in previous articles. So, if you have studied all the information and decided that it’s your way – the next question is “How to write an effective SAP CV if you are only starting your career? How can you demonstrate your business and IT acumen?”

It is easy to be interested in “something” like SAP because it may advance your career. In order to stand out among your competitors, you have to be able to answer the question: What are you prepared to do in order to become successful in SAP?

So, the crucial point in your resume is to show all your successful experience in previous jobs. Which problems have you solved (using business IT solutions) that resulted in better business operations, higher efficiency, lower costs, higher profits, etc.? Don’t write very long storytellings, and the facts with results will be much more effective.
Are you ready to tell potential employers WHY you want to pursue an SAP career? Because being an SAP specialist is not easy. There will be tough times, steep learning curves, and difficult problems to solve. It’s OK if you don’t have SAP experience right now. But you should demonstrate HOW you will get this experience. Your WHY and your passion are the fuel that will make you endure the challenges. Knowing what your passion is and being able to convey it is SO important. It’s a great idea to put certificates about finishing SAP courses if you have any. And also, mention your personal skills that help you be proactive and achieve great results.
Moreover, you should demonstrate how you are going to build a bridge from your past professional life to an SAP career? Learning about SAP requires learning faster than the average person. Otherwise, you simply won’t be able to grasp the complexity and solve problems. So, don’t forget to show the SAP recruiter that you are interested in self-development and ready to upgrade your knowledge all the time. Maybe your diplomas show early signs about your capabilities, logic skills, or ability to comprehend complex challenges. Don’t forget to mention them!

And, of course, don’t forget to do a little research about the company you are hiring for. It will give you beneficial information about what they expect from their candidates, and you could show the right skills in your CV.