Inspiration for an international SAP career: which European country is the best for you?

With more than 1 500 SAP job ads are posted every day, the SAP job market remains very dynamic and an attractive choice for fresh consultants worldwide. With an increasing presence in emerging markets and developing countries, SAP continues to offer careers of choice on a global level in every industry.

Each year, more and more SAP consultants decide that they want to really step outside of their comfort zone and build their careers abroad. But, how do you know which amazing international city offers the best job for you? And what kind of quality of life and safety conditions can you hope to experience once you are there? Is there an ideal city or country that is the best for an SAP career?

The PROSAPIA answer is clear –– it depends on your preferences. However, we decided to help all SAP experts who are planning or just want to change the country for work and have collected a selection of articles that inspire an international SAP career.

The best cities to live in for Central European SAP experts – A guide based on personal experience
by Thomas H. Wagner

The value of this article is that the author wrote it based on his own experience. He assesses nine cities, including representatives of Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. The analysis is based on the following criteria: business, lifestyle, travel, and living costs.

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Working as an SAP consultant in Europe

This WHITEHALL article explains the basic requirements for working in Europe. The authors talk about the peculiarities of both the countries of the European Union and other European countries. You will also find information on the best locations for work-life balance, locations for leisure, cost of living, languages, traveling, and weather in Europe.

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Life of SAP Consultants in Germany & Sweden

Germany and Sweden are considered to be one of the best variants for an SAP career. This article describes all the nuances of working in these countries, starting with the salary and work schedule and ending with the work dress code. Spoiler alert: after reading the article, it’s hard not to think about Germany and Sweden as your top options for moving.

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As you understand, there is no unanimous opinion about which country is the best. Everyone has their own ideal, and it depends on a large number of factors. We hope that everyone who decide to work abroad will make the right choice!