Critical criteria of an SAP project manager

SAP Project Manager is responsible for managing all sides of SAP projects. He communicates with clients to determine their requirements and then creates a project plan that suits them.

We at PROSAPIA are convinced that an SAP project manager must have relevant experience. Of course, It is not mandatory to have a deep understanding of the solution. Project managers must have SAP applications’ sufficient knowledge to understand the customer’s implementation landscape. Let’s find out what other skills are required for an SAP project manager to be successful in the workplace.

Communication Skills

From the project planning stage, an SAP manager must deliver information to the stakeholders. Moreover, the project manager also conveys the project scope and objectives to the team members, exchange feedback, etc. For successful delivery, an SAP PM must ensure that everyone understands the interdependencies and their respective roles in steering the project to the finish line.

Moreover, during the project’s course, a manager must constantly monitor and review the project and resource metrics to ensure alignment with the plan. They need to use ways of communication in case of discrepancies to understand the roadblocks and find ways to mitigate them.

Goal Setting

Each teammate has a unique set of skills, and it’s the project manager’s task to make sure he acknowledges those abilities and sets realistic goals based on members’ experience.

For example, imagine one company is moving to S/4HANA. There are two team members responsible for the technical part. An SAP project manager needs to set goals for them. One of the team members has been with the company for eight years and has extensive experience working with ERP systems. Another one is a fresher who is starting his acquaintance with SAP. PM should consider giving the less experienced team member more time when he chooses the due date for a deliverable. It will minimise his stress levels and show you understand and support him.

Setting goals is about defining what is realistic and ensuring you support your team to manage their responsibilities and meet the deadlines you set for them.


According to Forbes, 58% of employees trust strangers more than their boss. The such statistic shows that some leaders do not know how to resonate with their team.

An SAP PM oversees the project and ensures all tasks are completed on time and deliverables meet agreed standards. But it’s also about building relationships with everyone involved in the project. Being able to gain one’s trust involves taking different actions and steps, and generally can be done by following best practices. They involve transparency, openness, and humility.

So, there you have it — the essential skills an SAP project manager needs. If you’re a PM, you can try to improve on some of these skills as they will work to your advantage. These capabilities will benefit not only your project but your SAP career as well.