Inspiration for an international SAP career: Working as an SAP consultant in the Nordic countries

The Nordic countries, such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iсeland, and Finland, usually appear on the first steps of various international rankings that determine the level and quality of life and, most importantly, the citizens’ satisfaction. And at the same time, they leave far behind the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Japan, which form the backbone of the “Big Seven.” They became a vivid example of development and an increase in national well-being. Not only quantity is essential, but also quality. It isn’t enough to maximise the gross domestic product or specific sectors of production of goods and services. It’s also necessary that these processes be coordinated to satisfy people’s needs in everything necessary for life and in the possibilities of their social realisation.

Are you wondering what it is like living in Nordic countries and being active as an SAP professional? We would like you to consider the Nordics as your next destination, and let us give you a few reasons why.

Socio-economic factors

The Nordic countries are some of the most developed countries on this planet with stable political systems, well-fare societies, a high level of education, a low level of corruption, and high satisfaction with living.

Prevalence of SAP solutions in the Nordics

For example, In Denmark, 44% of the largest 200 corporations (LEGO, Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, etc.) run SAP. SAP has been present in the Nordics for 30+ years and still growing.

If you have an “exotic” SAP skill or competence area, you’ll be a “rare bird”

For instance, EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) or TM (Transportation Management) are some of the hottest areas. Bringing old solid SAP SD, MM, or FI/CO to the table may not be exotic, but if you’re in the top 20% of your particular group of specialists, you still stand a good chance of landing a great job.

Excellent compensation for a perfect work-life balance

Sure, Nordic taxes are high, but you get a LOT for it: Healthcare, Kindergarten, tax-paid education, etc. If you’re a seasoned SAP Senior and relocating to Denmark, chances are that you may qualify for an approx. EUR 9.500/month salary with a special exemption for partial tax payment.

Favorable forecast for the future

For the next years, S/4HANA transformations will be the driving force in the market, so even with a potential recession, unemployment is not expected to go up. The average age for the SAP specialists in Denmark is around 50, and too few trainees/rookies are entering.

If you want to know if you’re area of expertise is in demand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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