Inspiration for an international SAP career: a little bit about the USA

When people plan to build a career abroad, it is essential to do research before deciding which country to move to and analyze its job market. “Tourers” should also remember that each country has different labor laws and cultures. It’s one thing if you’re planning to move from one European country to another. However, if you decide to build your SAP career in the USA, you will probably be in for a lot of surprises.

Well, are you ready to discover the so-called “land of the free”? Let’s start!


According to research by career expert Zippia, over 24000 SAP consultants are currently employed in the United States.

SAP consultant statistics by gender

Formed by PROSAPIA according to ZIPPIA data

Zippia‘s scientists found that in the US, 27.9% of all SAP consultants are female, while 72.1% are male. Women earn 93¢ for every $1 made by men.

In this regard, we want to add that radical changes in eliminating gender discrimination in labor relations took place in the USA in the early 60s of the 20th century. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 prohibited gender discrimination in pay. The economic situation of women in the USA is characterized by the growth of employment and the expansion of women’s access to independent sources of income.

SAP consultant age breakdown

Formed by PROSAPIA according to ZIPPIA data

Types of SAP consultant degree levels

Formed by PROSAPIA according to ZIPPIA data

SAP consultants commonly must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the position, although some may qualify with an associate’s degree and relevant experience.

The types of companies SAP consultant work in

Formed by PROSAPIA according to ZIPPIA data

Employees with the SAP consultant job title have preferences when it comes to working for a company. For instance, most of them prefer to work at public companies over private companies.

Which state has the most SAP consultants?

Formed by PROSAPIA according to ZIPPIA data

Looking through more than 6897 resumes, Zippia’s scientists found that the most popular places for SAP consultants in the US are Houston, TX, and Atlanta, GA.


Deciding to move to the US is not fixing anything. It is necessary to make another, more difficult choice – the choice of one of the fifty states. Each of them is good in its own way. American states are so different that you can talk about them as separate countries: other laws, nature, people, and even language, or rather accent.

Earlier in this article, we considered which states have the most SAP consultants. But are they the best?

Our article on careers in Europe clearly outlined PROSAPIA’s position – no best countries/states/cities exist. When choosing a place to live, you should rely on your tastes and your own criteria. Those essential things to you may not play any role for others. However, we understand that deciding between the fifty states alone is not easy. Therefore, we have collected some information that can be useful for your decision.

The best state, according to Zippia

Zippia’s study is based on the following criteria: average annual wages and availability of jobs for SAP consultants. They found that the Midwest is best for SAP specialists, and the West is the worst. Zippia’s researchers call Oklahoma the best state. Look at the image below to find out the indicators that brought this country to the first place.

Formed by PROSAPIA according to ZIPPIA data

The full rating can be viewed at the link.

The best state, according to WalletHub

The personal finance website has studied the data to compare all 50 states across 52 “livability” points, from housing costs to quality of life. WalletHub has come up with a list of the 20 best states to live in for 2022.

The top state is Massachusetts, ranked first in the nation for education and health, fourth for safety, sixth for quality of life, and 10th for its economy. It did rank a low 44th out of 50 states for affordability, but its overall score was enough to eke out a win over the closely-second next state.

Interesting takeaways from this study: Maine has the fewest violent crimes per capita, while Alaska has the most. New Hampshire has the lowest percentage of people living in poverty, while Mississippi has the highest. Workers in South Dakota love their commute, which is only an average of 17 minutes, compared to New York, where drivers spend 34 minutes getting to work. Alabama is the most affordable state, and North Dakota wins for its economy.

For the full report, click here.


We are, of course, all different, and living abroad is certainly not for everyone. Sure, there is an element of risk, but “no pain, no gain.” I have lived in Switzerland, Sweden, and the US, enriching my family and me in all cases. I grew professionally and learned things that were not available to me in my home country. Since the world is becoming more interconnected, exposure to various professional/working cultures helps you understand international corporations and make better decisions for optimal results. By being exposed to the contrast of cultures, you are forced to reflect on why things are as they are.

Claus Grotrian (CEO, SAP headhunter)

We hope the material we have prepared is valuable and wish you successful international employment decisions! If you are an SAP consultant and want to discuss opportunities for career development in Denmark, contact PROSAPIA!